Join us for a peaceful exploration of your subtle energy landscape.

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Hi! I’m Cleo!

Nice to meet you! So glad you found my website! There’s art, and energy work, there’s blogs and podcasts and videos and ever so much fun stuff!


I think I’m proudest of my ability to offer you the chance to talk to your spirit guides. I can channel their words for you, giving you the chance to discuss how you would like things, and how they would like things. Its a great opportunity for you to learn how you can improve your life by working better with the spirit council assigned to your life and well being.

Looking for a class to develop your intuition? Are you interested in discovering the healing power you already have and enhancing it? I am offering classes online, checkout the dates on the classes page.

Enjoy the light  – make an appointment today for your energy work session with me! Check out the appointments page for details.