Cleo Dunsmore Buchanan – Spirit-walker and Artist

I am launching a new service – to give you the opportunity to connect with your highest good. Ask me for a free Channeled Angel reading. I’ll send you a written document from your spirit council, or angel committee. Each of us has a group of light beings assigned to work with us in this lifetime. They have advice for you about achieving your highest good. Allow me to connect you to them in a beautiful way! 


I am almost speechless after my Angel Channeled Reading! This may seem like an exaggeration, but I truly feel it will be life changing for me. Cleo, you are a profound healer, gifted with clear insight, palpable compassion and delightful creativity. Exactly what our world needs at this time.


Enjoy to a guided meditation –

Basic Attunement Meditation – align your energy, fill yourself with peace and light

I love to hear from you!

Like to leave a review? Interested in classes? Would you like to sign up for a free written Angel Channeled reading? Pen me a message here!

View my glass artwork

I am a lampwork artist, I previously created an extensive body of work that mainly consisted of wildlife art glass beads.

If you want to see this work, I suggest going to Pinterest, I keep a portfolio there for sharing.

I currently make lampwork beads which are abstract expressions of energy. Sometimes I think about chakra energy while I make a bead, sometimes I am characterizing a spirit or angel I work with.

I also make Angel Cards, and Oracle Cards.

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