So every day I pick a deck of cards on my dresser, angel cards, or affirmation cards, or oracle cards, goddess cards. I flip up a new card and figure its a little divine message for me to carry thru the day.

Bizarrely, it is unfailingly accurate as to what is going on in my life at the time, and the angels or goddesses or witty phrases point unerringly to my current weak-spot. Im grateful for these little creative cards, the artwork, the inspiration they offer daily.

Recently I began writing my own inspirational messages for myself. When I sit on my meditation cushion, I scribble a note about the lesson that has visited me in my quiet time. These become more and more helpful as I keep up the practice. I can look back at the black scrawl in my notebook, I trace my journey, and remember the truths I have forgotten already. There they are for me to celebrate all over again, like new.

I began pairing my own messages with my photos or my artwork. The exercise is inspiring, and the resulting pieces I share with friends. Finally I stopped turning cards on my dresser. I look at my own cards.

I asked Sean Allison, my creative teammate, if he would allow me to put his writing in my cards. He and I collaborate on a blog site called Compassion Speak. When Sean saw the cards, his creative spark ignited, and he began producing all kinds of quotes and photos for this new collaboration.

Now I have one deck of cards on my dresser. And they are created by Compassion Speak’s creative team. And I love to turn one over each day, and see my own divine inspiration reflected back to me.

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