Perhaps you have had the good fortune to love an atomic dog, a dog that can’t be controlled, but that is happy to join you for your journey. I had a husky – akita mix. When he was only 6 months old, he broke his leg.

The vet put his leg in a big cast, that wrapped all the way up around his hip. The veterinarian told me, very seriously, to lock the dog in a crate and keep him still for the next three months.

When I would walk the dog, he was jumping, running, crazy wild, so happy. He was still on the leash, but nothing in the world could make him be still. He was like the wind, a force of nature. And his leg healed great.

The veterinarian told me severely that she had seen this dog out running, doing all the things he wasn’t supposed to do with the cast on, while she was out for a walk herself.

And I said, “Doing what makes us happy is what heals, not misery and imprisonment.”

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  1. Jolene

    Hi Cleo, just discovered your blog. Just reading what you share is healing. Love your interactive art cards idea. If I lived closer I would enroll in your class. Hope all is well with you, Liam, and Jack.

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