Burnout – Exhaustion – Anxiety – Isolation – Low self worth – Over indulgence

What do these have in common? They all can stem from a lack of receptivity. 

One totally normal way to feel like I’m in control is when I block out or limit my inflow of energy. I might say no to someone trying to break into my schedule. I am thinking I need to value my own time and manage my energy wisely. But sometimes this control is actually preventing me from replenishing.

  • Maybe I’m allowed to have clothes, and so I collect more garments like what I already have, ignoring my need to call my friend or connect with people I value and who value me.
  • Maybe I ignore my need for the calm sit down meal, and allow only a handful of finger food instead of taking time for lunch.
  • Maybe I’m allowed to be creative, in solitude, but not to show it to anyone.

There are many examples of how we might restrict our inflow of energy, and sadly hamstring ourselves. It’s a perfectly normal thing to do. I wrote this list by looking at my own behaviors, and the meditation I’ve written and offer to share is how I work on them, as I notice each pop up. Which is why I enjoy energy work, and giving meditations, as I am healed with each offering.

The joy is, we float in a sea of abundance. We can access its riches, and draw to ourselves the replenishing energies we vitally need. When we open to a new source, it’s a stretch sometimes. Maybe we have an image of what we are allowed to have, and what we believe we are not allowed or not capable of.

This weeks meditation is designed to set in place a change to this pattern. I can take a step toward replenishing myself, by deciding to allow myself to receive.

Each time I step into that moment of wonder, that experience of the sea of abundance I have been starving for, it’s all worth it. Every step of the journey that got me here, is worth it.

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