You’d be surprised, how good you are at it. Our culture is designed to devalue the abilities you already have. Brush that aside, and you are already naturally intuitive. 
Cleo Dunsmore Buchanan

Grama Tortoise Healing Arts

New Classes starting Feb 6

  • When – 6:30pm on Thursdays – February 6 – February 27
  • Where – 1013 Harbor Walk Court, Fort Collins, Co 80525
  • Bring – yourself and dress comfortably
  • What? – Yes! You can! What if this class was exactly the thing you need, right now, right when things seem too tight to fit one more thing. What if this one thing made everything else seem less pressing?
  • How much? – 100$ for four nights of growth in you.

The Energetic River

How does it seem that we loose our energy? Where are we losing it and when can we refill ourselves, even in the midst of a workday? 

This series is designed to introduce you to your power. When are you the energy superhero in your life, putting out amazing power and energy to those around you? You might be doing it more than you think.  Where is your inlet to refill this reservoir to again, so you can again be the super hero you were born to be?

This class series is designed to set in place a change to this pattern. It could be the breath of fresh air I need today, now, for me. I can take a step toward replenishing myself, by allowing myself to receive. I can recognize when I am giving energy, and it is to everyone’s benefit, and also choose to see when it is less than beneficial, and I can change this pattern.

Each time I step into that moment of wonder, discovering a new space I never even dreamed of, it’s all worth it. Every step of the journey that got me here, is worth it.

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