Angel Readings

Questions hover over us. We have to choose, and our decisions define our future.

  • Should I look for a better job, or find a way to improve things where I am?
  • If things aren’t working, does this relationship need investment or should I invest in someone new?
  • I love so many things! What should I focus on?
  • I can’t get past this. How can I raise myself to the next level?

The spirit guides who are entrusted with your care can tell you, simply, the answers to many questions. Their opinions offer you a chance to hear their divine plan. To manifest their assistance can bring into your life a power you wished for. They are eager to connect with you, and can offer all kinds of support and information.

Your angel reading will come to you as a lovely document, which contains my dialogue with your spirit guides. Your spirit committee is working for your good, and wants to give to you daily. Your cooperation with them will bring huge benefit to you and those around you.

I never thought I would say this, but clients tell me these readings change their lives. I know how much working with the spirits has revolutionized my life.

I am almost speechless after my Angel Channeled Reading! This may seem like an exaggeration, but I truly feel it will be life changing for me. Cleo, you are a profound healer, gifted with clear insight, palpable compassion and delightful creativity. Exactly what our world needs at this time.

Jennifer Reeve

I can offer you this transformative experience, during the quarantine, for free.

Is it worthless? No, it’s priceless. If I could be a nurse, I’d be out there plugging IVs in COVID patients. My role is to be home with my son in this time. So offering angel readings is my contribution to bringing light to the planet at this time.

Offer me your full name and questions you’d like to ask your committee, and she will channel for you the guidance of your spirit council.

Cleo, you’re a gem! You connected me with my soul guide in a way I’ve never known before and I have a new way to manifest my dreams :). Phoenicia and I both thank you for generously sharing your gifts.

– Carrie

It can be a revelation to have your angel committee speak to you. Their offers of love can give you a sense of belonging. Their kindness heals. They are wanting to be heard, and to give to you their gifts.

This is your opportunity to experience the love and guidance of your spirit council.

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