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Welcome! if you have more questions, or would like to book with me, let me know! gramatortoise at gmail dot com. I am so delighted to work with you.

Energy Balancing

30 minutes – 30$

Energy balancing is a great way to bring ourselves back to center. It recharges our batteries, realigns our body and spirit so we can move forward.

I am often surprised at what she can clear in twenty minutes.  Frequent energy balancing can bring a steady progression of inspiring improvement.

Energy balancing can release other people’s energies and past events that are holding us back.  Shifting our energy can uncover doors that need to be opened. It is a silent experience and focused on opening our bodies to the healing that is the gift of our ever present angels .

Energy balancing is a great way to experiment, to try out an energy healing session and see if it works for us. Maybe we would like a deeper dive into our metaphysical experience. An energy balancing might point us in the right direction, and answer questions that  may make a past life regression or reading an easy solution.

Like a massage, a gift certificate for an energy balancing makes a great gift.


60 minutes – 60$

With a longer look into our gifts and challenges, a reading is an opportunity for us to see ourselves from a different perspective. While there may be past events overshadowing our daily efforts, or gifts today, unrecognized, waiting in the wings, we have great potential and deserve to seize it.

A reading allows us to fuel our personal growth with a wealth of information from the spirit world. Appointments are 60 minutes and primarily a spoken experience. It may include instructional exercises to aid us with whatever we uncover as your new focus or revised approach.

Spirit Walking

60 minutes – 75$

This appointment includes an energy healing, and a dive into whatever spirits may be interested in communicating with the client.

The spirits assist Cleo in all her efforts.  Often the spirits surrounding her clients are there to help and may have a role to play in healing, assisting, or directing a client. It is Cleo’s privilege to aid these spirits in their role as helpers, giving them the opportunity to communicate with their person.

Cleo approaches the spirits with an attitude of patience, compassion, and sees her role as supportive.  Disturbed spirits which may have negative goals or impacts are merely injured and seeking aid.

Cleo believes in healing these spirits, and has seen and experienced the tremendous life transformation that can come from healing the spirits connected to someone. Just the act of listening to a spirit’s story can bring them powerful healing. Forgiveness and love can bring those frightening spirits into their best selves, and free them to share with us all their gifts.

She frequently reassures poltergeists with the words, “We are so lucky to be brought together. Aren’t you beautiful? What happened to you, to make you this way?  I want to hear all your stories. ”

Past life healing

90 minutes – 100$

Past lives affect us in curious ways. We may experience recurring dreams or inexplicable fears that have their origins in a time and a person gone by. We may be compelled to actions we can’t understand. We may see the truth dimly, blinded by a past experience that isn’t even our own. Those spirits may have roots disturbingly deep in us, which Cleo can aid in releasing. However growing closer to or healing these spirits may unlock gifts they have to share.

This appointment includes an energy healing, and a deep dive into the past to see what might be continuing to pull us back. We might find stories, or feelings or other tangled issues attached to the present which belong to a person long gone by.

Sometimes just listening to a spirit tell its story can give a profound healing to that past life experience. Always respectful, Cleo can assist you in bringing the past from confusion into clarity.

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