I am a lampwork artist, I previously created an extensive body of work that mainly consisted of wildlife art glass beads.

I currently make lampwork beads which are abstract expressions of energy. Sometimes I think about chakra energy while I make a bead, sometimes I am characterizing a spirit or angel I work with.

This is a portrait of a spirit I have spend so many years with! Such a wonderful man, so beloved. I make glass portraits of the spirits I see and work with. It is a great challenge to make a portrait of someone you’ve never seen in the physical world, and that there are no photos of.

These are sculpted in clay or wax and then cast in glass. the technique is long, arduous and many people wisely walk away rather than push thru to the end. It is my joy to work with such challenges myself.

Clay originals

These are portraits of people I see in the spirit world. I work with seven spirits and five angels in general. They are all helpful and supportive of me and my work.

Glass cast portraits



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