You’d be surprised, how good you are at it. Our culture is designed to devalue the abilities you already have. Brush that aside, and you are already naturally intuitive.

Open to Spirit

  • Where? Zoom with us online! safe and easy to reach
  • zoom number – 848-162-1745
  • password – 107561
  • When? Coming soon!
  • How much? 75$. – thats 25$ a class, and a great deal!

Imagine your physical world life is a house. You live your whole life in the house, never go outside. When something passes the window, you have chills, and go “Wow! Something is really out there!” When there is a knock at the door, you have that same “Wow!” yet you may not answer it.

A person who does readings, or gives energy healing, has learned to open the door, and accept the gifts the spirits have for them. This is a skill learned, not some strange gift you have to be born with. To accept the connection you already have, and broaden it, is the goal of this class.

You are in the right place if:

  • you have some sensitivity, and wish to increase your awareness of the spiritual energy present.
  • You wish to expand your ability to rest and replenish yourself.
  • you want to connect deeper with angels or other light beings.
  • you want to explore your natural connectivity.
  • you feel you have a need for stronger or more open boundaries

The class on Wednesday, sweet Jesus, blew me away ☺️ That night I slept like it was March 10th (no virus). Thank you so very much and I am super excited for Wednesday!  If the meditation we did, the long one, is available to listen to again, please let me know. Thank you again and see you Wednesday ☺️

Christie Carson
Try it out – Listen to a guided meditation
Need a chance to see what its like? Here is the atunement meditation which begins each session.

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