Intuitive Energy Work Classes

You’d be surprised, how good you are at it. Our culture is designed to devalue the abilities you already have. Brush that aside, and you are already naturally intuitive.

The class on Wednesday, sweet Jesus, blew me away ☺️ That night I slept like it was March 10th (no virus). Thank you so very much and I am super excited for Wednesday!  If the meditation we did, the long one, is available to listen to again, please let me know. Thank you again and see you Wednesday ☺️

Christie Carson

Blessing your Space

  • Where? Zoom with us online! safe and easy to reach
  • zoom number – 848-162-1745
  • password – 107561
  • When? Wednesday nights, September 30 – Oct 14 at 5pm MT, 7pm EST.
  • How much? It’s free. What? Why? Is it worthless? No, its priceless. This is my offering during the quarantine.
Try it out – Listen to a guided meditation
Need a chance to see what its like? Here is the atunement meditation which begins each session.

Heal your House is a class designed to allow you to change the energetic patterns you might experience in your environment. Imagine your environment is a bathtub of energy, and you are soaking in it.

Your home or workplace are environments which, today, during the pandemic, are vital to our wellbeing. Stuck in a toxic environment? Yes, this is a big deal today! Our options to leave and getting the icky feeling out has dwindled.

Each time someone experiences a big emotion in your home, some of that energy stays behind. A toxic relationship can result in energy lodged in our space that we still feel, long after that person has gone.

There are also times when we may feel a blessed presence or an icky presence. You are capable of sending away any presence you don’t enjoy. The sense of being watched or haunted can go easily with the practical use of energy work tools.

In these classes, you will learn to change the energy of your space, whether you are at work, at home, in your car, or anywhere. You will have the opportunity to discover your spiritual muscles and boot out any unwanted energy, leftovers from other people, leftovers from your own past frustrations, and energetic invaders.

Whatever your experience, you will find tools to change your life.

Have a conflict? Classes are recorded. If you miss a class, you can listen at home, and still receive the benefit of an hour and a half of guided meditations that expand your personal wellness and fuel your path to healing others.

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Chakra Class

Thanks for a great class! –

Learning to clean our own chakras allows us to see our energy, how we move it naturally, and how we can then see others energy, and help it to shift easily.

This series is designed to open the door to your subtle energy work. We all do it, each hug we share is a dose of subtle energy healing. What if you could harness that natural ability and bring subtle energy healing into your life and the lives around you?

The first benefit of working on our own chakras is the healing we receive. We know ourselves better, recognize our own challenges we need to continue to address daily. We can approach growth in an energetic process and often smooth away difficulties, allowing us to shift significantly. Energy work can lead us beyond blockages we may have experienced a lifetime, and can clean up the dings and dents we acquire daily.

Another benefit of chakra class is the recognition of what subtle energy is, how it works, how we perceive it and can then recognize the changes we are creating in ourselves and in others. It’s inspiring to discover our natural abilities and seize them.

When we have the techniques down, it becomes simple to address new or old issues that arise. One class can become a lifetime practice to bring light to our darkest corners.

Join us for seven evenings of discovery and rich healing for yourself. Each effort you make to reach inside and appreciate what is there will ripple out to those around you.

Have a conflict? Classes are recorded. If you miss a class, you can listen at home, and still receive the benefit of two hours of guided meditations that expand your personal wellness and fuel your path to healing others.

Heart Chakra Meditation

This meditation is for healing and rewriting the information in your heart chakra

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