Spirit Channeling

Angel Reading –

Would you like a sample? I’m so excited to share my work with you. Here is an excerpt of what my work is like. This is a writing done for myself. I am dialoging with Father Michael, or Archangel Michael.

C- Father, please, you were offering to teach me. I have these fast changing swings, where a mood will set me off in one direction, convinced for example, that I am born to be a glass artist and hang the angels. Then suddenly I’ll be swept equally in the opposite direction, and devote myself wholly to you, and your work, that I can bring to the world. You suggested that this quixotic nature could go.

FM – Cleo I see, you wish to show others your work, is that it? You ask to show on this website, yes?

C – Yes father. What would you suggest I pay attention to, to shift this tendency, which we both find frustrating and very constantly a problem?

FM – Cleo – There is no tendency. This is no part of you. This is not a piece of anatomy or chemistry of your brain, as you often complain of. This is your behavior, and it can change. I wish you to see, truly, how powerful your decisions are, for yourself.

When you decide something, it is so. So it is for everyone, for all people. They see the sky, decide the weather is fair or foul, and they believe so, for the rest of the day. No matter if the sun shines or the dew drops sparkle or storms rage. Whatever they have decided they experience.

Daughter, you, my dearest, are no different. Please, will you look kindly on this painful habit of yours? You have a habit, no more, nothing ingrained in you. As you shift a habit, so may you shift this tendency as you call it.

C – Father what would you suggest, to shift this habit?

FM – My daughter it is borne of old wounds. You seek to change course to evade a predator, to dodge the bullet as you might say. You are running, fleeing from what you wish to avoid. There is no mystery here as to how to avoid it. I offer you, this is an easy decision. It carries so much power and is so simple.

C – Go ahead father, I am listening.

FM- I wish to show them the clarity that we can achieve. I wish to allow them to see the potency of this offering. You must not hold back now. This is a powerful lesson for any reader of this document. Do you understand?

C – Yes father. Please go ahead.

FM- where was I?

C- How to shift this habit.

FM- Cleo, how would you shift a habit?

C – Well, my new method is that every time I do it, I say, “This is an old habit. It is done, I don’t do that anymore.” I have had remarkable freaky success with this, changing lifetime habits I could never alter before.

FM – Cleo this is brave, thank you for offering this. This is a brave and simple way to face what we fear most. We fear ending our protections. This is one of your protections, which hamstrings so many of your best efforts. Will you take this lesson to heart, my dear?

C- Oh yes, Father, you know I will. We are a team.

FM – My darling! Thank you, your assurances warm my heart!

Cleo I am concerned. Is this enough? I wish for your readers to see how powerful you are, how wise and good, gifted and generous. This shows none of these things.

C – Father, it is for the clients to decide if our work is for them or not. Goodness! Please Father, just place our energies in this document. They will connect with us if they decide it is their flavor. That is all there is. No worries, Father. Let it grow.

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