Masking our blessings

Mask wearing has its challenges. I ask myself, does anyone know I’m smiling? Are they smiling? How do I connect with anyone?

My son and I went shopping and we did our best to enjoy all kinds of things we might have taken for granted or been grouchy about in the past.

Snack time? Let’s indulge! Buying shoes? Lets go to the store where someone will wait on you and bring out the shoes instead of a self-serve place.

What a joy to discover the shoe salesmen were respectful and treated my son like an adult. They helped him find everything he wanted in a shoe and then in socks too. This is a task which in the past my son has blatantly refused to participate in. Buying shoes became a wonder, to speak to someone who cared, who wanted to know his preference.

Every generosity seemed huge. Every moment we could find something special, we reveled in. Paintings in the mall became a stage for us to photograph each other.


Every artwork has a story. And this one is about rebirth.

I moved from Maryland to Colorado in August of 2017. My husband, son and I were in a car with a 17 year old cat, two bonsai trees (big ones), two tortoises ( big ones!), and a tank of hermit crabs (seriously?) for three days.


We left behind an orchard we had planted which had borne fruit for the first time that year. We left behind an intricate and beautiful tree house/ jungle gym that my husband hand crafted out of whole tree trunks cut down from our yard. We left behind my studio, which my husband built for me, with industrial quality ventilation and work bench and windows, and beauty and joy.

And we arrived in Colorado and moved in with my sister, and brother in law, while we waited for our house in Maryland to sell.

This was our rebirth.

I thought when we told my sister that our house had sold, in October of 2017, she would be relieved, and ready for us to move out of her home. But she and my brother in law were sad. It was poetic. We all loved living together. We loved it so much, we spent months shopping for a new house we could all live in together.

Now we share every day, and are so blessed. My son is thrilled to have his aunt and uncle in the house. They are thrilled to have their nephew to play with daily. My husband loves to talk endlessly to my brother in law, who enjoys the same. I thought women could talk until there was no oxygen left; these guys are like senators! Its wonderful to hear them arguing subtle points of science endlessly.

We could not have imagined this miracle, yet we are blessed with it now everyday. And the image of sitting in a waterlily, just accepting the unfolding around me, tells the story.

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