Cleo, you’re a gem! You connected me with my soul guide in a way I’ve never known before and I have a new way to manifest my dreams :). Phoenicia and I both thank you for generously sharing your gifts.


I am almost speechless after my Angel Channeled Reading! This may seem like an exaggeration, but I truly feel it will be life changing for me. Cleo, you are a profound healer, gifted with clear insight, palpable compassion and delightful creativity. Exactly what our world needs at this time.


You are the light in my day.


I have recently received my Angel Committee reading from Cleo, and to anyone else contemplating getting one, I strongly recommend to get a reading with her! She is abundantly talented, gifted, intuitive, and will be able to assist anyone in any kind(s) of spiritual endeavors or assistance they need! Cleo is also extremely trustworthy and I’m so grateful and thankful to have the opportunity to know someone like her!

Her readings are amazingly spot-on and accurate, and I guarantee anyone who gets a reading with her will have their spiritual reading resonate with them.

Alexandra Ackerman

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